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Family of Believers



                        1. A group of people united by a common tie.


At Redemption Orlando we are a family united by a common belief and a common mission. We are united in our belief  that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is the only thing that can change the human heart. And we are united in our mission of sharing this good news with everyone we meet. Unity doesn't mean uniformity. We may not share the same opinions,  the same political leanings, or even the same preferences. But for the sake of unity, like any good family, we put the interests of others ahead of our own.  

Our Mission

At Redemption Orlando, we exist to reach all people, with all of Jesus, for all of life. We seek to declare that Jesus is the servant King, who has suffered and died for the evil committed by His own people. But His death did not remain final. We believe He rose again, and because of His death and resurrection, He now offers redemption, or rescue, to all who would come to Him. 

Redemption Orlando is for all people. All people includes our neighbors. All people includes people not like us. All people includes every nation, tribe, and tongue. All people includes those who know God and those who are far from God. If you ask the question, "Does this include ______________?" Yes! All people means all people.  

All People

All of Jesus


The Bible describes Jesus many ways:

 Messiah. Priest. King. Judge. Ruler. Advocate. Friend. Shepherd.

At Redemption Orlando we strive to present people with all of Jesus. Not a portion of Him, not our favorite aspect of Him, not a version that's most suitable to the most people, but a complete picture of who Jesus is and what that means for life. 


At Redemption Orlando, we believe the gospel is necessary for all people; Christian and non-Christian alike. The gospel is what initiates our relationship with God, and at the same time, is what transforms every area of our life. Jesus said He came to give His followers life and life abundantly. Handing over the totality of our lives, and not just the spiritual portion, leads to the abundant life Jesus promises. 

All of Life

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