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Who We Are

Take a moment and hear about our heart as a church and how we hope to make a difference in the lives of individuals and our community. 

How We Practice Our Faith

A lot of churches have similar beliefs and even use a lot of the same language. What really matters though is how a church practices those beliefs. Read below to find out what makes us, us!

Love Without Fear

There’s no better word to describe modern culture than ‘fear.’ Whether the subject is politics, race, social media, cancel culture or the role of the Church, we all feel the division, isolation, and hesitation. Yet, this isn’t the life Jesus modeled and invited us into. We believe a church community should be the safest place for anyone and any topic. This means we love anyone who walks through our doors. Are you skeptical of church, spiritually disillusioned, believe the church has no place for you, or healing from past church hurt and religious trauma? We desire to follow the way of Jesus and love people where they are. You don't have come believing certain things, living a certain lifestyle, or ready to embrace everything we teach. We simply want to love people without fear. 

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Build Wells Not Fences

There’s a story about two ways to keep a flock of animals. One is to build fences to keep them from wandering and to separate the herd from the rest of the world. The other way is to dig wells that draw the flock near. Jesus drew people toward himself, the source of eternal, living water. While we recognize that some boundaries are good and important, we believe the church has sometimes built fences that keep people away. As a community, Redemption Orlando aspires to dig its own Jesus-shaped wells and attract all types of followers. We believe by sitting at the well people can rethink and reconnect with faith and rediscover the beauty of Jesus.

Practice The Way

We keep the main thing the main thing. We don’t need to give people a list of things to do for Jesus. We don't need to attach man made rules to the way of Jesus. This means we want to provide people with practices to help people be with Jesus and not just do for Jesus. This means we strive to be a non-political church and allow people space to follow Jesus in the way He has called them to. We are all in process. Jesus is good with that, so we’re good with that. We simply believe if we spend time with Jesus, we become like Jesus, and as we become like Jesus, we will do the things Jesus did. 

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